• Background and Fingerprinting

    All new employees must successfully pass a background check.  Please follow the directions below to complete the background check through Gemalto Cogent Systems.

    For Alabama applicants:

    • The AAPS Electronic Fingerprint fee is $48.15.

    • Go to the Alabama Department of Education Applicant Processing Services Website

    • Read through the "Registration Procedures" under the "Registration" Section.

    • Under the "Registration" Section click on Register Online to complete the Registration Form.

    • On the main page, under "Print Site Locations" click on "Print Locations & Hours" or for locations, hours and information regarding what to bring with you ( the locations on the right side of this page are shortcuts to the same Print Site Locations ).

    • Cogent Gelmato requires current, valid and unexpired picture identification documents

    • As a primary form of picture identification, a State issued driver's license may be presented by an applicant when being fingerprinted.  In the absence of a new driver's license, click here for a list of acceptable secondary documents.

    • Click here to print the Proof of Transaction Receipt, which is under "Print Site Locations" (you must take your receipt with you to the Print Site Location.

    For Out of State applicants: